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Emergency Shelters

Dieses Funktion steht mobil leider nicht zur Verfügung.

For the commencing winter semester of 2019 / 2020*, the BSW, for the first time, is providing emergency shelters in two student dormitories in Münster. The residencies will be provided as short term accommodations to students looking for apartments ins Münster. Emergency shelters provide a basic furnishing consisting of two beds, a lockable closet (per space), a night stand, as well as a lamp. Between sleeping areas, spacial dividers will offer privacy.

Of six slots in total, students can book one from one up to ten nights at the headquarters of the BSW (Frauenstraße 3-6, 48143 Münster). Students need to book an emergency shelter in person at the BSW office, reservations per phone call or email are not possible.

Our office opens Monday to Thursday from 09:00 o’clock (9AM) to 16:30 (4:30 PM) and on weekends and holidays from 9:00 o’clock (9AM) to 14:00 o’clock (2PM). The payment (5€ per night as well as a 30,00€ deposit) has to be made upon booking.

Support during search for an apartment

The Bischöfliches Studierendenwerk and the Katholische Studierenden- and Hochschulgemeinde (KSHG) offer support for students looking for an apartment in Münster or surrounding areas. Guests of our emergency shelters can fill out a short questionnaire on their needs and wishes and will be supported in their search by students who already found a space to live.

* all regular student dormitories at the BSW are currently unavailable. Applications for rooms for the upcoming summer semester 2020 can filled out online:

Frauenstraße 3-6, 48143 Münster
Phone: +49 251 495-19466,
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