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FAQ – Tita-Cory-Campus (TCC)

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Here we answer frequently asked questions about the new Tita-Cory-Campus.
If a question is not answered or not answered sufficiently, please send us a message to [email protected]

  • Is it possible to view the rooms on the nine campuses in advance?
    Viewings are not possible due to the large number of applications and inquiries. The images and overviews shown here are intended to give an impression of the rooms and the surroundings at the TCC. The image material will be further supplemented in the future.
  • Is there internet access at the TCC?
    There will be a WiFi network with internet access in the living areas and in the other rooms on campus. Internet and network access is via the Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität (WWU-IT), which means that fast and secure Internet will be available for all residents. Students who are not studying at the WWU can apply for access to use the network on the TCC. The costs for the comprehensive Internet access are included in the additional costs.
    LAN or telephone connections (TAE sockets) are not available in the rooms and premises. It is therefore not possible to conclude contracts for your own Internet connections via third-party providers. Connections for cable or satellite TV are also not available in the rooms. A TV connection for the residents is to be set up in the common rooms (probably in 2023).
  • How are the rooms equipped?
    All rooms are furnished with a wall unit (incl. desk) and a bed (incl. slatted frame and drawers under the bed).
    All rooms have interior drapes/curtains and outside the floor-to-ceiling windows there are electrically operated blinds.
    The rooms are ventilated centrally via a living room ventilation system. For this purpose, fresh air is drawn in via a central system on the roof and the used air in the room is extracted via an exhaust air device in the bathroom. The air exchange is continuous and takes place so carefully that no effects on the residents are noticeable.
    The bathrooms each have a toilet, a vanity with mirror and a shower.
    Mattresses (size 210 x 90 cm – but the standard size 200 x 90 cm can also be used!) and a chair/desk chair must be brought by the residents when they move in.
  • Can I choose my room and how do I divide it up in the shared flats?
    The room assignments and assignments run via the BSW. For organizational reasons, all residents are assigned their rooms by the BSW. As far as possible, we try to take into account the wishes or comments mentioned in the applications.
    The 17 flat shares on the TCC are divided into 9 flat shares for women and 8 flat shares for men. In the case of people who have indicated “diverse” as their gender in their application, a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis and after consultation with the applicants as to which flat-sharing community is most suitable. Each building has shared flats for women and men on each floor.
  • Are the flat shares only accessible to the residents or are visits also possible?
    Initially, only the respective residents have free access to the flat shares. However, there are bell systems at the entrance area of ​​the flat shares so that visitors can register. The flat shares are the private areas of the respective residents, regulations for visits must therefore be agreed in the respective floor communities.
  • Can friends visit and stay overnight in my room?
    The rooms of the individual residents are their private areas. Of course, guests can also be received here. It is also okay for individual guests if visitors stay in the rooms. However, permanent accommodation of other people in their own room is not permitted. – The BSW also provides guest rooms on the TCC for overnight stays.
  • How are the kitchens and common rooms equipped at the TCC?
    The communal kitchens contain an oven as standard, such as a stove area with two hotplates, a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. There are also numerous cupboards available. Each resident is assigned a locker in the kitchen. In the large refrigerators, each resident has their own cooling compartment and in the freezer of the flat share there are at least six compartments, so that two rooms can share one freezer compartment. In each kitchen there is a large dining table with chairs for all residents. A common room with a sofa/seating area is always adjacent to the kitchen.
  • What kitchen equipment do I need to bring?
    The residents should bring the most necessary equipment with them for the first few days. This includes a set of crockery and cutlery and one or two (smaller pots). The equipment in the shared kitchens with crockery (plates, cups, glasses, pots, pans, etc.) is sometimes different. Some flat shares have communal solutions here, some only use personal utensils. It is advisable to ask about the situation in the new flat share in the first few days and to discuss with the roommates what makes sense to bring with you.
  • What furniture can you add to the rooms and common areas or bring with you?
    It is important to bring a mattress and a desk chair! Otherwise everything is available in the rooms to be able to live in them. Smaller pieces of furniture (armchairs, shelves, etc.) can be brought along or added to. When the room is handed over after the living period, ALL furniture and also your own mattress are to be taken back with you!
    Additions/changes to the furniture in the kitchens and common rooms are only possible after prior consultation with the flatmates and – in the case of larger furniture – with the BSW!
  • How does the key handover work and can we arrange appointments for this for the winter semester 2023/2024?
    The meeting point for handing over the keys is always the BSW administration at the TCC. This is in house 3. The houses are labeled.
    The TCC car park can be used for arrival and unloading. The journey is via “Fliednerstraße”. If you are using a navigation device, we recommend entering the address “Fliednerstraße 27, 48149 Münster”. Then you will be guided directly to the parking lot behind the building.
    After registering in the BSW administration, the rooms and keys are handed over using a prepared protocol. The handovers usually last about 30 to 45 minutes.
    For reasons of illness and replacement, please send your request for an appointment – with a suggested date and time – for the key handover to the general e-mail address of the BSW ([email protected]). We will then either confirm the appointment or give you an appointment suggest an alternative date. Please note that key collection is not possible on weekends and public holidays and on Fridays until 14:00 at the latest. Regardless of when you move in, this can also take place on weekends or public holidays after the keys have been handed over.