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  • What should I bring with me when I move in? 
    You need a chair, a mattress (dimensions), a duvet and pillows.
    Dishes and cooking utensils are available in some kitchen communities for general use – it is advisable to bring your own basic set of dishes and cooking utensils. We also recommend that you bring your own storage containers with you in order to stow away food properly and to avoid unpleasant odors.
  • Why is my move-in date later than the 1st day of the month?
    Due to the possibility of moving in promptly after the previous residents have moved out, we reserve the right to schedule five working days for renovation work. The move-in can therefore be delayed by a few days after the beginning of the month. It is not possible to move in on the weekend or on public holidays. Appointments for handing over the keys are made with the respective Pedagogical Student Support.
  • How does the key handover work once I have received a confirmation?
    After all contractual formalities have been completed and the deposit has been paid, an appointment for the key handover can be arranged. Contact details will be provided in the information sent by BSW. As a rule, the pedagogical study support person handovers the keys and rooms.
    Handovers usually take place on one of the first working days at the beginning of the first rental month. If the room needs to be renovated beforehand or other important reasons delay the handover, the handover can be delayed until the sixth working day of the first rental month (see rental agreement §5 (4)). Tenants are not entitled to handover dates before the first working day of the first month of rental. In justified exceptional cases, handovers can also take place early.
    The meeting point for key handover is – unless otherwise agreed in advance – at the entrance to the dormitory in which the rented room is located. You can park a car at the dormitory for loading and unloading.
    The room and keys are then handed over using a prepared protocol. The handovers usually take around 30 to 45 minutes. This log records the current condition of the rented room and, if necessary, documents it with pictures. The protocol, signed by both the BSW and the tenants and, if necessary, other accompanying persons/witnesses, is then uploaded to the residents’ account in the BSW dormitory administration.
  • Can my parents or friends accompany me to hand over the keys?
    Yes, that is possible.
  • What else do I have to think about when I move in?
    You should be able to feel comfortable in your room and, with some restrictions, you can decorate it according to your own wishes. Please note that nails or screws are not used on the walls and the rooms can’t be painted. For the attachment of personal items (e.g. pictures, posters) there are permanently installed picture strips to which pictures can be attached.
  • Is it allowed to have pets in the residence?
    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our residences.