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Bundesverband Katholischer Studentenwohnheime e.V. (Federal Association of Catholic Student Residences)

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With its five student residences, Bischöfliche Studierendenwerk Münster is a member of the Bundesverband Katholischer Studentenwohnheime e.V.. The purpose of this federal association is to represent the mutual interests of its Catholic student residence members within the church, state and society.

There are currently approx. 50 Catholic student residences in the federal association. Representatives of these organisations meet annually at a meeting for focusing on certain issues and as an opportunity for members to get together. In addition, regular training takes place for full-time employees, which is organised by the federal association.

The Bundesverband Katholischer Studentenwohnheime also represents the interests of its members in the committee known as Forum Hochschule und Kirche e.V. [University and Church Forum].