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Application process – Information

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Our application process is designed to allow you to apply for a place in multiple different student residences at the same time – indicating your preferences.

Aside from the application form, the application documents required include a personal cover letter (letter of motivation) intended for the resident community, a tabular CV and references. Providing references is recommended, but not compulsory. References can come from close friends, previous house-/flatmates or acquaintances. References from teachers, priests or internship certificates may be submitted too.

Our resident community decides who moves in with them!

Therefore it is important that any application documents you submit are complete and informative. Applications are viewed and evaluated by a selection committee at each individual residence. Students that receive a place in our facilities will be informed of this by our administration department and the necessary contractual documents will then be sent out along with information on moving in.

Those that we unfortunately cannot offer a room to, but were positively evaluated by the resident community can register on the reserve list. As soon as a place becomes available, we will notify the applicants on this list. The applicant who replies the fastest can be subsequently admitted to the respective resident community.

Applications without admission to the WWU or FH are possible and very reasonable!

Would you like to study in Münster, but you do not have an admission to the University or the FH? No problem! At the BSW you can apply without risk even without admission. Due to high demands and the limited number of rooms it is very reasonable to apply. If you are selected by the selection committee, but unfortunately do not get admitted or decide to study elsewhere, you can withdraw from the lease without any costs.

Our application process starts afresh before each approaching winter or summer semester.
Applicants that did not receive a place last semester are welcome to reapply.