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Tita-Cory-Campus (TCC)

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The Diocese of Münster has built a new student residence for the Bischöfliches Studierendenwerk Münster.
The Tita-Cory-Camus (TCC) was completed in the 2022/2023 winter semester and now offers 200 new rooms for students in four buildings and 17 shared apartments (corridors/flat shares).

The TCC is in the immediate vicinity of the University Hospital in Münster and, in addition to student rooms, offers a wide range of options and rooms for events or activities for residents, as well as event and group rooms for student groups or guests. The campus is about 500 meters away from the Coesfelder Kreuz with one of the large canteens of the Studierendenwerk Münster AöR. In the vicinity of the TCC there are numerous scientific institutes of the WWU and facilities of the University of Applied Sciences in Münster.
The center of Münster is around 2 km away and can be reached by bike in around 10 minutes.

One of the special features of the Tita Cory Campus are the 17 barrier-free rooms for students. Students with physical disabilities can live and study well in these rooms and at the same time they are integrated into a shared house and flat with students from different disciplines. In each of the 17 shared apartments, there is a kitchen and a common room for shared use.

With the new Tita Cory Campus, the bishop’s student union has another facility where students can experience and help shape community. Like all BSW institutions, the TCC is available to students of all universities in Münster, of all denominations and religions and of all genders and orientations. Mutual recognition and living together with respect for others and on the basis of Christian values ​​and principles is important to us.

Special rooms and events of the TCC:

  • Chapel with offers in cooperation with the pastoral care at the UKM and the KSHG
  • Event and group rooms for residents and external guests/groups
  • Modern architecture on a spacious site on two levels (all buildings are connected to each other with walkways on the 1st floor)

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Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) about the Tita Cory Campus can be found here