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Alumni network

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Many of our current and former residents would agree that their time in their residence is something very special indeed! Therefore we offer all former student residents the opportunity to register as part of our alumni network. We send out emails to all alumni members inviting them to special occasions, anniversaries or meet-ups in Münster.

This gives them the chance to stay in contact with people they spent time with during their years at university in Münster. In addition, current residents are thankful for any ideational or financial support you may wish to donate to your former residence.

Bischöfliche Studierendenwerk is non-profit, so any donations – whether general, for a specific purpose, for a residence or for a certain event – will be acknowledged with a donation receipt. These donations can be taken into account as part of your personal tax returns.

If you used to live at one of our student residences or were employed at Café Milagro as a student, we would be delighted to provide you with information about our current work and register you with our alumni network!