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Dormitory life

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  • As a resident, how will I be informed about news in the dormitory?
    All current house rules and regulations, information on the Corona situation and contact persons can be found on the BSW website.
    Important news are shared via the so-called “digital boards”, where you will receive notifications by email.
  • Can I sublet my room?
    Subletting is not permitted. There are internal regulations for stays abroad or internships that can be discussed with the Pedagogical Student Support.
  • What shall I do if my room is damaged or something isn’t working right?
    The in-house technicians are available as contact persons for defects or damages in the room.
  • Can I have visitors in the residence (overnight visit)?
    It is generally allowed to have visitors (regardless of gender). It is not necessary to register a visit to the BSW. In individual cases, it is advisable to speak to the community in the hallway, especially if shared bathrooms / rooms are used.