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Brief introduction to BSW Münster

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Non-profit company for episcopal student residences in Münster

Since 2015 Bischöfliche Studierendenwerk Münster (BSW Münster) has been running the following Catholic student residences: Collegium Marianum, Deutsches Studentenheim, Fürstin-von-Gallitzin-Heim, Liebfrauenstift und Thomas-Morus-Kolleg. These five residences provide rooms for a total of 380 students. In addition, we run the student café known as Café Milagro, which is located in Frauenstrasse in Münster.

The objective of Bischöfliche Studierendenwerk Münster is to closely support residents in the facilities we manage and promote harmonious communal living. To facilitate this, there are people available at the residences to offer support in many different areas of day-to-day life.

Something unique that we offer to students is pedagogical student support, which accompanies you through transitions, offers support for any questions about your course and lends a confidential ear for any personal issues you may be going through. This enables students to achieve their goals, and live and study successfully in the Catholic student residences.

Pastoral care is crucial at our student residences. This is particularly reflected in our fundamental belief that the communal living of residents should be based on Christian values. Furthermore, there are regular church services and the KSHG university chaplains are on hand to discuss any issues to do with spirituality.

Keywords from our profile describtion:

  • A detailed look!
  • Communal living!
  • Assumption of responsibility!
  • Participation!
  • Internationalism!
  • Gener Sensitivity!
  • Service focus!
  • Value awareness and inter-religiousness!