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BSW Münster
BSW Münster BSW Münster BSW Münster

Münster Diocese / Episcopal General Vicariate

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With almost two million Catholics, the Münster diocese is the second largest in Germany. It stretches from Weeze in the Lower Rhein region to Wadersloh in the Beckum mountains and from Werne at the north-eastern edge of the Ruhr region to the North-Sea island, Wangerooge.  In North Rhine Westphalia, it’s made up of Münsterland and the upper area of the Lower Rhein region, as well the Offizialat district of Oldenburg, an exclave in Lower Saxony. The fact that the diocese is split into two parts is a consequence of the amendments made to church districts at what were back then new, political boundaries, following the Congress of Vienna in 1815.
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The Münster diocese is the sole shareholder of Bischöfliches Studierendenwerk Münster gGmbH. In 2015 the diocese merged all of the student residences which had previously been managed separately to form this company in episcopal sponsorship. In light of this, Café Milagro gGmbH – which had previously been independent – also became part of the new Company.

The Münster diocese continues to be the proprietor of the properties managed by Bischöflichen Studierendenwerk and therefore responsible for renovation and restoration measures, which are implemented in close consultation with the construction department of BGV. In addition, the diocese is responsible for funding Bischöfliche Studierendenwerk. Among other things, this subsidy enables students to live in the residences under the current very favourable conditions.