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Rooms Liebfrauenstift

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The rooms at Liebfrauenstift are practically equipped. All rooms have a washing facility and are furnished with a bed, desk, wardrobe and chair.

The bathrooms (with showers and toilets) can be found on each corridor and are for shared use. They are cleaned on a daily basis (Mon-Fri) by an external cleaning company.

Residents are provided with shared living areas and kitchens in their individual corridors.

On the first floor is a chapel, which is always open to residents as a place of silence and for prayer. Church services are held here for the resident community on special occasions during the semester.
In the cellar are other communal rooms (incl. music room with piano), a washing cellar and a drying room. Several washing machines are available here for communal use.

The size of the 50 available rooms varies greatly. Therefore the room prices vary too depending on their size:

  • Price after reopening is expected to be around €215.00/month

All prices include bills such as electricity, water, heating, fees, etc.
A central wireless internet connection is provided at the residence. These costs are included in the rental price.