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Rooms Liebfrauenstift

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The rooms in the Liebfrauenstift are functionally equipped. All rooms have a washing facility with a sink and are furnished with a bed, table, cupboard and chair.

The sanitary facilities (showers and toilets) are located in the respective corridors and are shared. Cleaning (Monday to Friday) is carried out daily by a cleaning company.

The residents have access to common rooms and shared kitchens in the individual hallway areas. There is a large central communal kitchen on each floor, with several cooking facilities and storage and refrigerator compartments for all residents.

There is also an additional group/leisure room on each floor that can be used individually and flexibly by the residents. In the basement there are further common rooms (including a music room with a piano) and a laundry room and drying room. Washing machines and dryers are available through a paid provider.

The size of the 50 existing rooms is on average 12 to 16 square meters. There are individual slightly smaller rooms and a few slightly larger rooms with around 20 square meters. Due to the uniform room furnishings and the comprehensive offering for all residents, all rooms have a uniform basic price.
(In principle, it is possible to apply for “internal moves” at the BSW – please note the special regulations here)

  • Price after reopening expected to be 225.00 €/month

All prices include all additional costs (NK) such as electricity, water, heating, fees, etc.
A central internet connection (via the University of Münster) is available in the house. The costs for this are included in the rental price.