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Dear applicant!

You are applying for a place in one of our student residences at the “Bischöfliche Studierendenwerk Münster“. Living with us means more than just having a roof over your head, it’s all about ensuring all residents live together harmoniously.  It’s particularly important to us that “beyond simply providing a place to live, importance is given to communal life by attending different religious services among other things. This gives our residents the opportunity to pray together and promotes students’ cultural and human development through special events…” (Bishop Felix Genn)

In our residences, we attempt to provide the personality of the individual with as many opportunities as possible, as well as the community as a whole. Against the backdrop of increasingly programmed degree courses and progressive anonymity at university, our residences provide a kind of home from home for students. Because

“Home is wherever you do not have to explain yourself.“  ( J.G. von Herder )

where you treat others with respect.

Another concern of ours is that residents of different religions, denominations and nationalities enter into interreligious, intercultural and international dialogue that is valuable to us all.

We look forward to your application!