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Rooms Tita-Cory-Campus

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The rooms have a living space of approx. 14 m² and each has its own bathroom with a size of approx. 4 m². The 17 barrier-free rooms have a living space of approx. 18 m² and each have their own bathroom with approx. 6 m². All residents have a personal living space of approx. 18 or 24 m².

All rooms are furnished with a wall unit (incl. desk) and a bed (incl. slatted frame and drawers under the bed). It is not possible to remove the furniture, but additional furniture can be brought along as long as it does not have to be attached to the walls. Mattresses (size 210 x 90 cm – but the standard size 200 x 90 cm can also be used!) and a chair/desk chair must be brought by the residents when they move in.

All rooms have internal drapes/curtains and outside the floor-to-ceiling windows there are electrically operated blinds.
The rooms are ventilated centrally via a living room ventilation system. For this purpose, fresh air is drawn in via a central system on the roof and the used air in the room is extracted via an exhaust air device in the bathroom. The air exchange is continuous and takes place so carefully that no effects on the residents are noticeable.

The bathrooms each have a toilet, a vanity with mirror and a shower.

11 or 12 rooms together form a flat-sharing community (WG). The 17 flat shares on the Tita Cory campus each have a spacious kitchen and an adjoining recreation room (approx. 55 m² in total). The communal kitchens contain an oven as standard, as well as a stove area with two hotplates, a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. There are also numerous cupboards available. Each resident has an assigned cupboard in the kitchen. In the large refrigerators, each resident also has their own cooling compartment and in the freezer of the flat share there are at least six compartments, so that two rooms can share one freezer compartment.
In each kitchen there is a large dining table with chairs for all residents. The recreation rooms are furnished with a sofa/seating area.

The current rent for the approx. 18 square meter single rooms including individual bathrooms is:

  • for all rooms €330.00/month (from January 2024)
    (same price for the barrier-free rooms, provided that proof of severe disability is available)

The price includes all ancillary costs (NK) such as electricity, water, heating, fees, etc.
A central internet connection is available on the Tita Cory campus via the university network of the WWU.
The Internet connection is set up via WLAN.