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Pedagogical Student Support

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…allowing students to achieve their goals

Pedagogical student support is a conceptional and personal service offered by Bischöflichen Studierendenwerks Münster specifically to the students at our residences. It allows students to live together with other young students in a very distinctive, versatile and valuable environment. The diversity of mandatory communal living allows students to experience specific aspects of life through encountering different people and trying different activities.

Our Vision

  • Pedagogical student support puts us in students’ shoes and helps us to support them in their journey to achieving self-appointed goals
  • We offer pedagogical student support on a welcoming and non-discriminatory basis, in which we look for and encourage students’ charisma and abilities
  • The objective of pedagogical student support is to help students achieve academic and personal success
  • It’s possible for students to achieve academic and personal success if they are aware of who they are, their freedom and their responsibility, keeping in mind their abilities and Limits

Our Mission

  • Pedagogical student support allows us to assist students with any academic or personal questions they may have while living here during “the open stage of their lives”. Rarely does life progress in a straightforward, consistent way. We more frequently come across a rich array of diverse life plans with the challenges of experimentation, orientation and decision-making
  • The objective of pedagogical student support is to help guide students to embrace their own life story with everything that they’ve experienced, endured and achieved so far
  • This means pointing out their own strengths, building on these in a holistic way and encouraging students to further reassess their personal life story, set goals, make decisions and embark on their journey
  • Pedagogical student support is there to help students become responsible people and take on the real world during their studies with curiosity, openness and critical self-awareness
  • Equally, we want to help students to develop the ability and willingness to take responsibility for themselves, other people and the community as a whole
  • Pedagogical student support is also there to contribute to keeping God alive and discovering belief as a meaningful support for finding direction and making decisions