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Pedagogical Student Support

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The Pedagogical Student Support is an opportunity for support and counseling that is offered by the Bischöflichen Studierendenwerks Münster (BSW Münster) and is specifically directed towards the residents of the student dormitories.


We aid the student committees of our dormitories in taking advantage of the participatory structures of the BSW, and we support the residents within our framework of integration and community-building. This includes coordination of the application process, the support of and communication with the officials of the individual dormitories, and aid with residents’ community-building ideas and projects.

Are you interested in taking on a leadership role (office)? Do you have an idea that could be implemented in the dormitory? Do you need input for the execution of an office?

Then please contact us!

At least once a semester, we organize the officials’ meeting, where we will foster connections between officials and discuss dormitory-relevant themes.


In addition to our counseling opportunities, we also offer our resident an initial contact point for personal burdens, problems, questions, and challenging situations. This is because higher-level studies can not only present chances and opportunities, but also high levels of emotional burden. If the challenges of the studies are compounded with day-to-day challenges, feelings of being overwhelmed can follow.

We support residents in difficult life situations, personal life crises, and:

  • With difficulties with studies (ex. fear of examinations, procrastination, feelings of being overwhelmed…)
  • With continuous self doubt
  • With problems or conflicts with family, friends, etc.
  • With divorce/separation and loss
  • With grief
  • With conflict
  • With worries about the future

How to contact us:

Dorothee Schmerling, Office TCC House C
Telephone: 0251-952020-020
Mobile: 0152 02447754

E-Mail: [email protected]

Leonie Engels, Office CM Room 42
Telephone: 0251-952020-021
Mobile: 0173-4693729

E-Mail: [email protected]

To schedule an appointment for a counseling conversation residents can contact us via E-Mail, telephone, or personally.

Counseling conversations are ideally possible in person, but can also be digital if requested.

Our main goal is to give access to help to as many residents as possible. Therefore we consider interconnectedness and continual cooperation with other institutions a significant part of our work.

  • KSHG Münster (psychological counseling, spiritual support, general social counseling…)
  • AStA
  • Communication with international offices of the KatHo, WWU, and FH Münster
  • Communication with the Studierendenwerk Münster

More information you can find also here:
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