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Liebfrauenstift (LS)

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  • The Liebfrauenstift is currently closed for renovation work
    Planned reopening for the winter semester 2024/2025

Liebfrauenstift was founded in 1893 by the Sisters of Notre Dame and initially known as Mägdehaus. The building was almost completely destroyed in a bomb attack during the Second World War and reopened in 1949 after a lot of hard work by the Sisters and many helping hands. During the post-war years, Liebfrauenstift developed into an important facility of the Catholic social movement. Sisters, apprentices and elderly people all lived, learned and worked together under one roof.
In 2011 the Sisters of Notre Dame handed over the traditional and memorable Liebfrauenstift to be managed by the Münster diocese. The building has continued as a student residence ever since.

It is very important to the 50 residents and the sponsor that communal living is based on Christian values. This is reflected in the day-to-day living here, e.g. cooking together in the shared kitchens or the way residents organise their free time together. One unique feature of Liebfrauenstift is its generous gardens (formerly belonging to the Sisters). Residents are free to relax here or enjoy activities together.

Central location, large garden and lots of lovely fellow residents!

The resident community illustrates this fact by volunteering to take on certain tasks (house spokesperson, corridor spokesperson, kitchen services, tutor for the student activities programme, etc.). We are always looking for new, creative and dedicated people to add to the resident community!

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