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Information about application documents

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In the BSW applications can only be made via our online form!
In exceptional cases (e.g. Problems with the online application) the application can alternatively be send to us by mail or email. If this is the case, you can contact us.

Our application documents consist of:

  • Application form
  • Cover letter to the resident community (letter of motivation)
  • Tabular CV
  • References (optional)
  • Current certificate of enrolment

Please fill out the application form in a clearly legible manner and do not leave any parts out. The application form allows the selection committees at the individual student residences to gain an overview of the applicant. In addition, your contact details will be taken from your application form in order to pass on further notifications and correspondence.

The cover letter to the community at your preferred residence is a chance for you to express your motivation for applying for a place/room at a student residence. Your letter of motivation should also highlight how you intend to integrate into the resident community and how you envisage yourself supporting the community of other residents on a voluntary basis. We ask you to address the following key questions in your letter of motivation:

  1. At BSW we want to promote diversity in our student halls of residence. We would like to get to know you. What would you like to tell us about yourself? What sets you apart? What could we look forward to if you lived in one of our student halls of residence?
  2. Our student halls of residence are characterized by christian values and a focus on community. How do you imagine life in community? What is important to you for living together?
  3. Our dormitory structures are characterized by voluntary commitment. Everyone can contribute their own ideas, take on positions and help shape events. How committed can you be to the community (talents, experiences, volunteer work…)?

The CV you submit must be complete and clearly comprehensible.

Although references are an optional part of our application process, informative references are very helpful for the selection committee when they come to make their choices.
It has become evident that honest references from friends, good acquaintances or people close to you are often more helpful than employer references or internship certificates. However, we leave the decision of selecting references to submit to the applicant themselves.

Not all students are able to provide a current certificate of enrolment when they make their application. But this isn’t something to worry about. As long as you submit a certificate of enrolment before you sign the contract, that should be fine.