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BSW Münster BSW Münster BSW Münster

Administration Contact Person

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For any questions about rental agreements, payments, certificates, etc. or any general queries, please get in touch with our admin offices:

Business Executive:
Mr. Markus Hoffmann, Phone: 0251-952020-010, Mobil: 0173-3671731, E-Mail: [email protected]

Deputy Executive Management:
Mrs. Theresa Sothmann, Phone: 0251-952020-011, Mobil: 0173-5375623, E-Mail: [email protected]

Mrs. Isabel Greve, Phone: 0251-952020-030, E-Mail: [email protected]
Mrs. Nicole Raveaux, Phone: 0251-952020-031, E-Mail: [email protected] (part-time: Di., Mi. and Do. before noon)
Mrs. Christiane Tiltmann, Phone: 0251-952020-032, E-Mail [email protected]

Pedagogical Direction:
Mrs. Leonie Engles, Telefon: 0251-952020-021, E-Mail: [email protected]
Mrs. Dorothee Schmerling, Phone: 0251-952020-020, Mobil 01520-2447754, E-Mail: [email protected]