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Lunchtime Menu

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At Café Milagro we offer alternating lunchtime menus for students and other guests.
Our lunches are always available from midday onwards during the semester (Mon-Fri and Sun).

lunches incl. salad or dessert – only €4,00

There is a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option available every lunchtime, alternatively a small salad plate for €2.20 or a large salad plate for €3.20.
In addition, you can get another dessert or side salad for €0.80 and bread for €0.50.
Furthermore you have the option of getting one second portion, small or large!
On Thursdays we participate in the “Münster eats vegetarian” initiative and therefore only offer one meal option and salad.
The menu for the upcoming week is always published by the KSHG on the Friday of the previous week.

We look forward to your visit!