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Deutsches Studentenheim (DSH)

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Deutsche Studentenheim – simply known as “der Breul” by current and former residents – has been in existence since 1928 and is one of the oldest student residences in Münster. The residence is located at the edge of the historical centre, on the promenade. All of the university facilities are within easy reach. The Catholic church have been responsible for sponsoring the residence from the very start. In the chronicle it states that construction of Deutsche Studentenheim in the 1920s was funded by the imperial government in Berlin at the time. It was this huge official state funding that gave the residence the name it has today. The residence includes a canteen offering two meals from Monday to Friday.

The diocese Münster decided to build a new administration building for the episcopal vicariate, where the Deutsche Studentenheim is today.
A new residence will be built at a different place in Münster, as a replacement for the Deutsche Studentenheim. This new dormitory is expected to be completed by the winter semester 2022/2023.
Up to that point, the Deutsche Studentenheim will be continued in its current form. Thus, students interested in the Deutsche Studentenheim can safely assume to spend at least two semesters in the residence starting from the winter semester 2021/2022.

The students themselves are responsible for lots of aspects of communal living. Alongside religious events, student representatives organise a wide-ranging programme of sporting, cultural and arts activities. In this area, a lot depends on the commitment and initiative of the residents. The Breul motto is:

Officium meum est pontificum – my purpose is to build bridges

Anyone that wants to build bridges must know the land on which he is building and where he wants the bridge to start and finish. Deutsche Studentenheim is a student residence under Catholic sponsorship and aims to offer students a home-from-home environment during their time at university in Münster. As a place of encounters, education and community, we try to build bridges between different spheres of life and strengthen Christian belief through communal living.

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