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The application procedure to the winter semester 2017/2018 is completed.
All rooms in our residences are already occupied for the beginning of the winter semester.
If rooms become vacant in the course of the semester, these are allocated about a reserve pool.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications for the winter semester 2017/2018 therefore any more!

Applications for the summer semester 2018 are now possible. Closing date is the 15th of January 2018.
Please, apply early. Even if you don’t have a current certificate of enrolment to the summer semester yet, you can apply already now.
It is possible, that you rescind from your rental agreement, if you don’t get an admittance for a university in Münster or if you decide on another place of study.

Collegium Marianum
Frauenstraße 3-6
48143 Münster

(males & females)
currently €239 /month, incl. internet

Deutsches Studentenheim
Breul 23
48143 Münster

currently €305 /month, incl. breakfast, lunch (Mon. - Fri.)

Fürstin-von-Gallitzin Heim
Frauenstraße 21-23
48143 Münster

currently €179 /month, incl. internet

Wegesende 4
48143 Münster

currently €128 - 168 /month -- depending on room size, incl. internet

Nünningweg 131
48143 Münster

currently €139 /month




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