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Extraordinary extension of the application period
for the winter semester 2020/2021

In many federal states and states, the Abitur examinations and admission-relevant study management were postponed due to the “Corona pandemic”.
The Bischöfliches Studierendenwerk Münster has therefore decided to extend the application period for the winter semester 2020/2021 extraordinarily.

Please note the following a. o. Application deadlines:
Collegium Marianum (CM) until 15. July
Deutsches Studentenheim (DSH), Fürstin-von-Gallitzin-Heim (FvG), Liebfrauenstift (LS) and Thomas-Morus-Kolleg (TMK) until 31. July

In June, the first selection rounds will take place in the individual dormitories. Applicants who have applied (as of 31.05.2020) will receive feedback as quickly as possible.
Individual rooms can be booked at short notice from July, August or September. Please send your request for “early moving in” in your application.
The latest planned occupancy for the WiSe is the 1. October – independent of the actual start of the readings and events of the universities in Münster.
Please note this when planning.

When applying, please make sure that your details and documents are complete and meaningful.
Of great importance is, among other things Your “Cover letter to the house communities” (letter of motivation).
Information on the required documents can be found under: “Information about application documents”.

We assume that there will only be relatively few rooms available in our halls of residence for the winter semester 2020/2021, but there will be numerous applicants.
Therefore, we will unfortunately not be able to consider all applications, even if the persons are very suitable for a place in our dormitories.
We may be able to offer you another room during the course of the semester via our move-up procedure (reserve pool).
Therefore please inform yourself in detail about alternative offers and forms of living in Münster – For this we wish you all the best!

Applications for the summer semester 2021 are expected to be accepted from the 1st January 2021.
The application deadlines are then the 15th. January for the Collegium Marianum and the 31th January for all other halls of residence in the Bischöfliches Studierendenwerk Münster.

Which of our residences would you prefer to live in?

If it is not possible for us to accommodate you in the dormitory of your choice due to many enquiries, you can choose your alternatives here.


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