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Collegium Marianum (CM)

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Collegium Marianum has a history dating back to the early 20th century. Prior to the Second World War, the Münster diocese used this building as a residential school for nuns training to become teachers. Back then, the lecturers employed here included Edith Stein. In the Second World War the building was completely destroyed and reconstructed after the war as a student residence. The residence has also been open to women since the 70s. One well-known resident at Collegium Marianum at this time was Karl Rahner, who composed major parts of his theological works here.

Between 1994 and 1995 Collegium Marianum was comprehensively restored. After the student residence reopened in its current form, there are a total of 100 rooms available – 50 for women and 50 for men – with en-suite facilities. Another unique feature, which was implemented as part of the last general restoration process, are

six accessible rooms for students with physical disabilities.

These wheelchair-friendly rooms can be accessed via the lift in the building and each is fully integrated into student life and the corridor community.

Collegium Marianum is centrally location on Frauenstrsse in Münster. Very popular among students for its proximity to the city centre and the university (direct access to campus/the Juridicum), it is also close to the Katholischen Studierenden- und Hochschulgemeinde (KSHG) facilities, which have their rooms in the building too.

Communal living is driven by wide involvement from students through the team of spokesmen, tutorials, the bar team and lots of other roles, which are taken on voluntarily.

Collegium Marianum regularly has more applications than places available. Therefore a little luck is needed to be accepted – but a convincing application is essential too!

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