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Rooms Thomas-Morus-Kolleg

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Rooms at Thomas-Morus-Kolleg are not the largest, but all of them sufficient and practically equipped. All rooms have a washing facility and are furnished with a bed, desk, wardrobe and chair.

The bathrooms (with showers and toilets) can be found in the individual living areas and are for shared use. They are cleaned on a daily basis (Mon-Fri) by an external cleaning company.

Residents are provided with shared living areas and a large shared kitchen.

Other shared areas include a large games and sports room, a TV room and a spacious dining room. Current daily newspapers and journals are available to residents in the fireside lounge/library directly in the Thomas-Morus-Kolleg entrance. In addition, there are extensive gardens in the courtyard area and around the residence.  Washing machines and dryers are available through an external provider.

The current rent for the approx. 10 sq. m. rooms (some are larger) is:

  • €145/month for all rooms

The price includes all bills such as electricity, water, heating, fees, etc. There is currently no central broadband internet connection available at the residence. However, the student self-administration provides shared internet connections in the individual living areas.